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  • Walking in the Fountain of Life

    Everyone has been called to follow Christ and the leading of the Holy Spirit. Yet when so many people come from a life of following their own desires for 20 years or more, they often do not know what it means to walk in the Spirit. There is a distinct difference between walking in the flesh and walking by the Spirit, but many times, Paul’s and other biblical writers’ language can either seem a bit confusing or vague to someone accustomed to the world’s ways. The people of this world speak from the viewpoint of the world and do not listen to those who speak from God. As a result, people who do not grow up reading the Bible have never heard about “walking after the flesh” or “abiding in Christ.” On the other hand, oftentimes those who have grown up reading the Bible settle for a shallow reality when it comes to these deep truths. All too often, these people make the assumption that since they are believers they are inherently walking in the Spirit. Sadly this is far from the truth. Even the Galatians were instructed by Paul, in chapter five, that if they are alive by the Spirit, they should keep in step with the Spirit. The warning found later in chapter six of Galatians indicates that the flesh is still present enough for a believer to feed it, and from it, reap corruption (vs. 8). People who are “in Christ” are capable of operating in a fleshly way just as the Corinthians were when Paul addressed them in chapter three of his first letter. Nevertheless, all who are in Christ have what they need for victory in every situation over fleshly and unspiritual ways of living.