Words creatively ordered in rythem and rhyme stem out beyond the ordinary and transcend their writer's time.  This unique collection of poetry will encourage, inspire, and spur you on to know Christ Jesus in His fullness.


  • Imagery

    These poems use illustrations and allegorical pictures to describe the wonders of God and the mysteries of His kingdom.

  • Inspirational

    Are your hands hanging down and your knees weak?  These poems will inspire you to press on to lay hold of all that God has called you to experience.

  • Trials / Suffering

    Life is filled with difficulties and at times it is hard to express with words the anguish in your soul to God.  These poems will help to minister grace to you in your time of need.

  • Miscellaneous

    At times, a poem can express a truth in a new way or help us to remember a reality that we must believe.  Here you will find poems that don't fit into a single category.