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About GCM

Dear Visitors,

Over the years, the Lord Jesus Christ has placed a burden on my heart to see His people become established and steadfast. In response, I have diligently sought to acquire many skills that could be of service in His kingdom. Now, using these skills, I am seeking to serve the body of Christ through this ministry.

Godly Christian Ministries is a service to the community of Christians throughout the world. Each month thousands of people come to visit and enjoy many of the free things that GCM offers. One of the services that is provided is a free Christians music website called www.GodlyChristianMusic.com. This site was started in 2005, but underwent some major updates and improvements in 2008 after I had learned a new programing language and had acquired skills using Adobe's industry standard software. Godly Christian Music has music on it from people all over the world with a large range of genres and themes. GCM has also recorded several of the artists on this site in hopes of giving talented artists more opportunity to bless others. All the music on the site has been freely given by the song writers to be posted for others free enjoyment and edification.

In addition to Godly Christian Music, a book was written which can be found on this site entitled, “Finding Life: a journey through 1 John.” This book is a 40 day devotional that takes people step by step through 1 John offering many insights from the original language. The intent of the book is to help people examine their life and to root out sin. “Finding Life” is not the only writing on this site. There are also several articles, story illustrations, and study helps that explore many topics that are foundational to godly living.

One other service that is being offered through Godly Christian Ministries is an ecard website. Though www.GodlyChristianEcards.com has been around since April 2009, it officially launched in March 2010. Many Christian ecards out on the web today bring no more than a feel good, self help message. Godly Christian e-Cards has a different goal in mind. It will contain ecards that are designed to challenge and inspire people to live totally devoted to Jesus. Through this site you will be able to challenge your friends and loved ones with style.

Currently, I am living in South East Missouri in the United States. I am part of a local church in the area and work at a Children's Home. I hope to continue working on these sites, creating new sites, writing more books, and whatever else the Lord enables me to do in the future.

Hope you are blessed by these services!

Peter John Schrock

March 21, 2010