God's Sovereignty in Time

A prevailing thought that has crept into christian thinking is that God is outside of time and that He observes the past, present, and future simultaneously. Since men believe they can grasp how God perceives time, they also think that they can interpret scripture from this perspective. As a result, they begin to interpret and filter everything as if all of time had already been completed and that the passage of time is only a figment of our perception. However, the writers of the Bible never intended to have man try to live this life or interpret what they wrote in anyway outside of the context of time as humans experience it. Therefore, when people begin to interpret all of time as a frozen image of the past, present, and future which God fashioned and placed on His wall to admire, they begin to fall into error and distort the intended meaning of what has been written.

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The Sin of Watching Hollywood Films?

The entertainment industry in the United States which is frequently nicknamed Hollywood is not at its “essence” satanic or antichrist.  Its essence is “entertainment” or providing someone with enjoyment.  However, the vast majority of the directors and producers are not believers and are therefore servants of Satan.  These directors and producers try to provide enjoyment to their audience with foul wicked things and frequently portray what is evil as good.  Nevertheless, there are some directors and producers in the entertainment industry that do produce products that are edifying and/or not defiling.  Whether or not a film is full of perversion, people choose to view it for several reasons.  Some are merely seeking entertainment, others are doing research for educational purposes, and still others end up watching it because of their company.  Choosing to watch movies and TV shows produced by “Hollywood” should be done with caution and spiritual preparation for a potential trap of Satan.

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Our Approach

What approach do you take to living a holy righteous life? Some people emphasis how they approach God. Others stress how they approach Sin and the Devil. Others still talk about how they approach each other to become holy and righteous. In any case, it is important that we are approaching all of these in the proper way. If we try to approach the Devil like we approach God we will be destroyed. If we try to approach God like we approach what is evil, then we will not be able to draw near to Him. If we approach believers like we approach God or the Devil, we will either wind up empty or in a fight. God has given us the right approach to the Christian life and by following it we can grow in holiness and righteousness.

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True Assurance

Great debate revolves around the topic of the assurance of the believer.  This controversy stems from people’s understanding of the salvation and election of God’s children.  While there are many different fundamental doctrines that fuel this debate, we will not find true understanding in this matter by arguing about such teachings.  Rather, by looking into the scriptures, we can find some simple truths that fit nicely into the various orthodox beliefs held by both those that call themselves Calvinist and Arminian.  These simple truths ultimately establish that outward transformation always accompanies true assurance of a right relationship with God.

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The Beauty of Holiness

There is an external righteousness we must clothe ourselves with!

We must “put on” the Lord Jesus Christ and clothe ourselves with every grace of His life.

Let us put on lowliness so men can see an example of humble delight in doing His will.

Let us put on meekness that is clearly visible by “deeds done” in the meekness of wisdom.

Let us put on kindness that will lead men to repentance as they taste and see that the Lord is good from the good fruit of the Holy Spirit being produced in our lives.

Let us put on love which is the perfect bond of unity and men will recognize we are His disciples by the love they see we have for one another.

Let us put on mercy and forgiveness so as to demonstrate to men how our Lord has loved us.

Yes, external righteousness is equally important as internal.    We can not have one without the other.

Can we show men our internal righteousness without works?   I think not; rather, we must show the world our faith by our deeds. 

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Missing the Way of Escape

I have begun to realize that many believers have missed the Major Way of escape with it's extensive networks of helps.   Many, many will be utterly shocked when they are shown the reason they missed so many of the small escapes was a direct result of missing the Major Way of escape.   No one will ever miss the Major Way of escape by accident, it can only be missed by a persistent disregard of the abundant warning signs posted mile after mile on the way of life.


Consider the most common cause we miss the Major Way of Escape - NEGLECT!

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Setting Things Straight

Isaiah delivered a message to the “watchmen” of Israel –“I have posted watchmen on your walls, O Jerusalem; they will never be silent day or night. You who call on the Lord, give yourselves no rest, and give Him no rest till he establishes Jerusalem and makes her the praise of the earth.” Is 62:6-7 The Septuagint uses an orthopedic term for “establishes” that literally translates as “MAKE STRAIGHT”. Yahweh wants things MADE STRAIGHT so that Jerusalem will become the praise of the earth.

The LORD is never impressed with “straight theology” and “crooked ways”. We should never deceive ourselves into believing that agreeing with Him in how we should be acting is acceptable; NO – He demands conformity to His will in speech and conduct. Consider this verse in Proverbs 16:1 with the same Greek word “make straight” – “Let the heart of a man consider righteousness in order that his FOOTSTEPS SHOULD BE SET STRAIGHT by God.” God demands our walk equal our talk.

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His Ways are High Ways

Highways are not a natural phenomenon - they must be constructed. Highways are what make traveling in well developed countries safe and efficient. Vehicles last longer and long distances are covered in much less time than in undeveloped countries where roads have not been so well constructed.  

Have we realized that the Lord has constructed a super High Way called "The Way of the Lord?" The prophet Isaiah saw it being built in a vision (the Highway in the Wilderness) and described the construction: "Prepare ye the WAY (highway) of the Lord"...

Every Valley shall be FILLED

Every Mountain and Hill shall be MADE LOW

The ROUGH WAYS shall be made SMOOTH

The CROOKED WAY shall be made STRAIGHT

When Valleys are FILLED, Mountains are MADE LOW, Rough ways made SMOOTH, and Crooked ways made STRAIGHT, you have LEVEL GROUND that makes traveling EASY!

This is the High Way Jesus traveled. He called His own journey "easy" and His burden "light". He traveled with JOY in the WAY His Father had prepared, in fact He DELIGHTED to walk in the Way of His Father.

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What the Law Can Not Do - Christ CAN!

What is it that the Law can not do?   There are two things that the Law is unable to do.  Many of us know this one – “For the Law makes nothing perfect” – “therefore by the Law shall no flesh be justified.”   The second thing the Law can not do goes hand in hand with the first and underscores the reason for the Law’s inability to make perfect or justify anyone.  Paul put it this way: “For if there had been a Law given which could have given life, truly righteousness would have been by Law.” 

We can see from these two truths that it takes LIFE to produce RIGHTEOUSNESS.  There was no life to be found in the Law, only rudimentary principles, ie the basic precepts of God’s order.  What the Law could not do, God did by sending His own Son in the flesh.   The Law had no life to give, so God sent His only begotten Son and IN HIM WAS LIFE and the LIFE was the light of men.   This LIFE of God in Christ Jesus is “the Law of the SPIRIT OF LIFE” whereby all the righteous requirements in the Law are fully met by those who walk according to the SPIRIT  - Whose mind is LIFE AND PEACE.  LIFE produces RIGHEOUSNESS and PEACE is the FRUIT of RIGHTEOUSNESS.  The mind of the Spirit is the very LIFE of Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit speaks the words of Jesus which are SPIRIT AND LIFE to those who are LED BY HIM.   Those led by the Spirit of Life are living by the WORDS OF LIFE.

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The Meek He Shall Guide

"The Meek shall He guide in judgment, the Meek shall He teach His way"

Why are the Meek the ones who our Lord guides? Perhaps the answer is in the meaning of the word itself. Meekness is a "learned restraint" (taught by the Holy Spirit) that brings carnal impulses under the rule of "self-restraint". Meekness was a word used to describe the well trained Greek war horse that had been broken of yielding to "IMPULSE" and trained to respond only to its rider's command.

Walking according to the flesh is merely surrendering to its constant carnal "impulses". No one can "keep in step with the Spirit" who is continually yielding to the "impulses" of the flesh. If we are ever to follow Jesus Christ, we must learn to "deny" the impulses of "self". The "MEEK" have learned the purpose and blessing of "self-restraint" or "self-denial" and thus in refusing to respond to the impluses of the flesh, they are enabled to wait for the "leading of the Holy Spirit." This is why the "MEEK" are guided by the Lord and taught His way. They "deny themselves" so that they can follow the Lord Jesus.

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