Seeing the Cause but Missing the Cure

Perception of the keenest kind is little to avail

When focused on the causes that explain just why we fail

To recognize the reason even if we are correct

Falls short of grace and power any weakness to perfect

We might can see the root of sin’s depravity to blame

And point our righteous finger all at Adam we defame

But little do we realize that this insight so sure

Does barely more than medicate the cause without a cure

Hearts of Flesh Bleed

I’d rather have pain than porosis (hardness)
It’s better to hurt than be hard
If I would be formed in His image
Like Him I'll be bruised and be scarred

Since my Lord was made perfect through suffering
Then even in this let me share
Taste His grief, feel his pain through men's buffering
Till pride of self worth is laid bare

For stony hearts wince not at chastening
But scourgings make hearts of flesh bleed
And broken hearts yield to this mercy
While proud hearts stay blind to their need

Lord save me from vain love of comfort
And take from me my heart of stone
I know hearts of flesh know more suffering
But they also feel love like Your own

A Symphony of One

Make us a symphony of One

Focused upon One conductor

Tuned to One concert pitch

Submitted to One tempo

Content to play One part

Perfected to One sound

Resulting in One purpose

The praise of our Composer

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The Treasure

Men have searched for the Treasure in the veins of the deep
While others scratch the surface and remain fast asleep
Rare men proclaim that there is Treasure in the mine
Many say remain where you are and you will be fine

Few men dig through these tunnels though they’ve seen little proof
While simple men laugh and say “we already have truth”
Men hang there and hammer away at the rock
While simple men stay on the surface and mock

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The Choice

The choice is set before us

It’s one that each must make

The Father has been calling

There’s a fruit that you must take

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Self is there to help you, he will not let you die
this carrying of your cross he says to you is but a lie
He says you need to nurture him and help him to survive
He says you need to feed him and help him stay alive

Self says he's not your enemy and his death would not be good
so give up this carrying of your cross and this nailing to the wood
Self tells you he is tired and you can quit this race
But another says continue on my child and your cross embrace

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Under God's Mighty Hand

Under the mighty hand of my Father

There is the place of refuge sure

Near Him no threat of evil can bother

Secure through His love all hells endure


Under the mighty word of my Father

Settles the storm of my anxious thought

Shielded through faith all fiery darts smother

Fullness of joy and rest are wrought


Under the mighty power of my Father

Broken of independent pride

Find in His shadow life like no other

Surrendered to Christ and crucified


Under the mighty light of my Father

The mystery of faith begin to see

The fullness of grace all found in my Brother

His yielded life - His authority


Before you leave this door,
STOP to consider what you left in store
for others...

Have you left dishes for others to do?
Have left a mess that others must pass through?
Did things get left out by the bathroom sink?
Have you filled the garbage and left it to stink?
Have you broken something and have not made it known?
Are you removing something that is not your own?
Have you swept the dirt tracked all over by your shoe?
Have you turned off the oven and closed the fireplace flew?

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How Deep?

How deep will we go when Jesus wants all the things we love?

Will we hold onto something from below and to sacrifice that which is from above?

Oh the things we cling to and cherish so very dear,

are often our favorite idols which should truly make us fear.

For we will sacrifice our gifts from God on the very things that take our life:

our time, our money, our strength, and our heart for pleasure with spiritual strife.

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On the Path

There is a finish line and prize to see,

but only for those who from darkness flee.

Some run with zeal to make it there fast,

but they miss the mark when they run on past.

Other meander and walk very slow,

always lagging behind and having further to go.

From time to time people go off to the right,

into the darkness and way out of sight.

On the other hand some go on toward the left,

away from the safety of the solid rock cleft.

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