Finding Life: a journey through 1 John

Learning to sit at the feet of Jesus and have Him probe and examine our hearts often requires a little assistance.  This devotional on 1 John will take you on a 40 day journey with Jesus into the depths of your heart.  As you read through 1 John each day, Jesus will bring revelation of Himself and guide you into the experience of true Life.  Prepare yourself to enter His presence.
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Writing a devotional on first John, was the farthest thing from my mind when I started to memorize its first chapter. My goal was simply to hide these words deep within my heart and to inspire others to do it with me. Though not many people were interested in memorizing the book, several people were greatly encouraged by some thoughts that I wrote down as I was going through the first chapter. As a result, the idea to write a devotional as I memorized each chapter developed into this book you are now reading about.

The task of writing this book was broken up into five parts. Each part corresponded to one chapter in 1 John. When I started on each chapter, I first translated the chapter from the original language into English and then I memorized my personal translation. Once I had finished memorizing the translation, I began the slow process of converting my meditations into daily readings. This process often involved days or weeks of praying, comparing passages, and seeking help from others just to produce a single day’s devotional. Eventually, I finished writing on each part and passed along each section to others for proofreading and review. Several wonderful people, spent many hours going through each page combing out my mistakes and offering help to communicate these vital truths. Once the entire work on 1 John was completed, the book was made public for others to be built up into the image of Christ.

If you read this daily study of 1 John, I encourage you to be aware of two specific themes. John expresses the first theme when he uses words like light, fellowship, abiding, love, and life. Though at first glance it may appear that these words are unrelated, John is actually expressing a single reality. The summation of this reality can be described as personally knowing God. The second theme is trusting God. John is describing trusting God when he writes about obedience, victory, and love for others. These two themes are the essence of Christianity. All too often, believers break off on side tangents and fall away from the heart of God. The goal of this book is to help you find stability in your Christian life by teaching you how to daily walk in the reality of these two themes. Therefore, do not rush through this book, but take the needed time to meditate and ponder the things it expresses. As you walk in the two themes of 1 John you will find deeper fellowship with God and learn to become His disciple.

Peter John Schrock