Under God's Mighty Hand

Under the mighty hand of my Father

There is the place of refuge sure

Near Him no threat of evil can bother

Secure through His love all hells endure


Under the mighty word of my Father

Settles the storm of my anxious thought

Shielded through faith all fiery darts smother

Fullness of joy and rest are wrought


Under the mighty power of my Father

Broken of independent pride

Find in His shadow life like no other

Surrendered to Christ and crucified


Under the mighty light of my Father

The mystery of faith begin to see

The fullness of grace all found in my Brother

His yielded life - His authority

News - October 8, 2010

~ Summary Index ~ 
1. Current Projects Updates 
2. Godly Christian Music Updates 
3. Prayer Requests 
1. Current Projects Updates 

This has been a big month for new music on GodlyChristianMusic.com and 
the site now has well over 800 songs.  Please take the time to write 
the artist to thank them for all their hard work in bringing you new 
great music!

Godly Christian Ministries is pushing forward, though it may not be 
apparent.  All project updates have been on hold for the last week or 
two (with exception of new music) as I have had to deal with a server 
issue.  Several websites on my server were loading very slowly due to 
some technical issues.  As of yesterday, the issue should be largely 
resolved.  In addition, I have been putting together a small recording 
studio and taking the extra time to fill in the gaps of my missing 
knowledge in music mixing and mastering.  Recently, I significantly 
upgrade my equipment and resources and have been working with some 
artists to produce a new cd which will be posted on the music website 
when it is finished.

The new Godly Christian Ministries website has been on hold for the 
last month or two due to several higher priority projects consuming my 
time.  Nevertheless, many of these projects have been completed and so 
I will be devoting some more time to getting the new site active 
online.  As long as no new issues arise the site will take about two 
weeks worth of work to get it ready for everyone.

GodlyChristianEcards.com will probably remain on hold until I can 
finish updating GodlyChristianMinistries.com

2. Godly Christian Music Updates

More music is constantly being added to Godly Christian Music.  Many 
of the new songs are very encouraging and well recorded.  Below you 
can see where to look for the 49 new songs!

Madison Berkemeyer (2 new songs) 
*Andrew Berkemeyer* (New Artist - 4 songs) 
*Violet Ewing* (New Artist - 4 songs) 
Paul Dreisbach (1 new song) 
*Bread of Life Orphanage* (New Artist - 15 songs) 
*Marjie Reece* (New Artist - 10 songs) 
Susan Hawthorne (8 new songs) 
graphite412 (1 new song) 
Jeff Rice (4 new songs)

3. Prayer Requests

This has been a long last couple weeks for me as I have been dealing 
with server issues on my web host computer.  After a lot of research 
and experimenting, I implemented a solution that I am still testing. 
When I am working on these kinds of projects, it is not easy for me to 
stop thinking about how to fix the problem.  As a result, I have 
difficulty sleeping.  My sleeping schedule is pretty weird right now, 
but I am surviving.  Please pray for me that I would be able to trust 
the Lord as I work through the various problems that arise.  Also, 
please pray for the websites that God would send them to those to who 
need encouragement.

Please pray that the Lord would grant me wisdom on how to set my 
priorities and that He would give me strength to persevere through 
each task unto its completion.  Over all, pray that I could have a 
good attitude when things get tough.  I am seeking to always give 
thanks in every circumstance, but I haven't arrived there yet. 
Nevertheless, one thing I do, forgetting what lies behind and 
straining on toward what is ahead.  I press on toward the goal of the 
upward calling of God in Christ Jesus!

With your prayers I am laying hold of victory!

Peter John Schrock

News - September 3, 2010

~ Summary Index ~ 
1. Godly Christian Ministries Update 
2. Godly Christian Music Updates 
3. Godly Christian eCards Updates 
4. Prayer Requests 

1. Godly Christian Ministries Update

Its been a busy season lately and its been a while since the last 

I have been traveling on the road and seeking to grow closer to the 
Father.  In between the cracks, I have been pushing forward on several 
different projects.  Whether it is mixing music, writing, or web- 
designing much is in the works to bless and encourage your pursuit of 

The new GodlyChristianMinistries.com site is well underway, but its 
release has been delayed due to the need to create some new content. 
The new site will have several new features and it will be very easy 
to regularly add many different forms of content.  For those interest 
in Greek studies, I am putting together a collection of commentaries, 
dictionaries, and bibles that work with a Free bible program called 
theWord (www.theWord.gr).  Those of you who have used e-Sword in the 
past will find theWord much more powerful in its search capabilities. 
On the new site, I will be loading you up with a great free add-ons 
that I have collected from various places online.  In addition, I plan 
to make a few short training videos to help point out some of this 
programs features and show you how to use them.

There will be several new things you will find when the site gets 
released, but everything will come in its time...

On different note, I have also been putting together a new website 
for the local church I am surrounded by.  The site still needs a 
little work, but it is coming along.


2. Godly Christian Music Updates

Despite the lack of updates notices, this has been a busy seasons for 
the music site.  Since the last update in July, there has been about 
40 new songs added to the site from seven different artists.  In 
addition, there are two new artist and two more will probably be added 
in the next week.

Though I haven't sent out updates for the last month or two, you can 
always go to www.GodlyChristianMusic.com and from the menu on the left 
select Music > Artist Updates or Music > Song Updates to find out all 
of what has been added.  If you didn't know, you can hover your mouse 
over the title of any song in most places on the site and it will pop 
up with a box to let you know when the song was added.  In addition, 
under each artist's download page, you can sort all the artist's music 
by what is new by clicking Sort by: “Most Recent”.

A couple months ago, I had a recording session with the Berkemeyers. 
This last week I have spent the majority of my time working to mix and 
master their music.  As I am writing, I am sending their songs to them 
and now I am waiting their approval before I post their new music. 
There is six new songs...2 of them will be listed under Madison 
Berkemeyer and 4 of them will be listed under Andrew Berkemeyer.  When 
the new songs are up, you will also find them listed under Berkemeyer 
Family.  I have been very blessed by their music and I am sure you 
will be too.

The fun doesn't stop there though, because later today I will be 
warming up our little recording studio for Joe Garrity who has been 
busy writing new music.  I have heard several of Joe's new songs and I 
am sure they will be a great blessing to you when they make it up on 
the site.  Please pray for all the artist and myself that the Lord 
would empower us to encourage you.

New Music/Artists: 
Christian Mission Music (new artist) (24 new songs) 
Paul Dreisbach (new artist) (6 new songs) 
Susan Hawthorne (4 new songs) 
Christ Our Life (new version of several songs) 
graphite412 (1 new sermon jam) 
Charity Ministries (2 new songs) 
Jeff Rice (3 new songs)


3. Godly Christian eCards Updates

This has been a slow season for Godly Christian e-Cards.  Most of my 
time has gone toward working on Godly Christian Music and Godly 
Christian Ministries during this last while and as a result there are 
no new updates to the site.  Nevertheless, keep your eyes open for new 
cards coming this September...


4. Prayer Requests

Please pray for me as the Lord has been doing much in my heart over 
this last season.  He continues to draw out my weakness and shows me 
how to partake of His power.  I am recognizing the need to have a mind 
that is continually at peace.  The mind of the flesh is death, but the 
mind of the Spirit is life and peace.  I can see how there has been 
times where I have settled for a mind that is worried or frustrated 
and I am recognizing how bad a condition it is to be in that state.

A worried and frustrated mind is not in the Spirit and is therefore 
dwelling in darkness.  A mind in the darkness cannot perceive where it 
is going, but a mind that dwells in the light can see clearly what 
path to take.

Please pray for me that I would have a Spiritual mind abiding in 
light, life, and peace.  If I am going to effectively serve you, I 
must have the mind of Christ, so please pray for me...


Before you leave this door,
STOP to consider what you left in store
for others...

Have you left dishes for others to do?
Have left a mess that others must pass through?
Did things get left out by the bathroom sink?
Have you filled the garbage and left it to stink?
Have you broken something and have not made it known?
Are you removing something that is not your own?
Have you swept the dirt tracked all over by your shoe?
Have you turned off the oven and closed the fireplace flew?

Read more: Consideration


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