All I Want Is...

In the moment of desperation when every attempt seems to fail the cry arises, “all I want is...”


This little phrase which I have said both in my heart and with my mouth many times in the past has now become a great indicator of what my greatest desire is in a particular moment. Recently, I have had some difficulty with my eyes after one of the lenses to my glasses got lost in the woods. As a result, I found an old pair of glasses to wear from about 6 years ago. Things were blurry, but it was much better than trying to wear a pair of glasses that only had one lens. Nevertheless, one thing was clear, if I didn't get a new pair of glasses soon I was going to be getting head aches and having a difficult time reading. Therefore the same day I lost the lens I went to an eye doctor that assured that I they could get me a new pair of glasses with in a week. Nearly three weeks later and having been told that my glasses should have come in on 6 separate dates, my eyes were really starting to bother me, and I found the cry coming up from my heart: “all I want is to get my glasses so I can see.”

Now this simple phrase may not mean much to some, but it really has helped me examine my heart. In the midst of trials the way we deal with our difficulties is directly tied to our chief desire. If our first desire is to be conformed to the image of Christ we will embrace trials as tools to teach us patience and endurance. However if our primary desire is to have things work out the way we want our response to difficulties tend toward frustration and anger. The phrase “all I want is...” is a great indicator of what all our desires are focused on.

When it came to getting my glasses, this phrase quickly pointed out that my primary desire was straying away from being conformed to the image of Christ. As a result, my mind and heart were bearing fruits of impatience, frustration, and anger. Once I re-centered my desires, I quickly began to find many good little lessons arising out of my trial and thankfulness welled up in my heart to the Lord.

Listen carefully to find your chief desire in every moment of your day and make sure it remains properly centered where it should be. If you are not careful about what you want, you will come to understand that the sin and corruption that is in the world comes from your own natural desires (James 1:14-15, 2 Peter 1:4).