The Meek He Shall Guide

"The Meek shall He guide in judgment, the Meek shall He teach His way"

Why are the Meek the ones who our Lord guides? Perhaps the answer is in the meaning of the word itself. Meekness is a "learned restraint" (taught by the Holy Spirit) that brings carnal impulses under the rule of "self-restraint". Meekness was a word used to describe the well trained Greek war horse that had been broken of yielding to "IMPULSE" and trained to respond only to its rider's command.

Walking according to the flesh is merely surrendering to its constant carnal "impulses". No one can "keep in step with the Spirit" who is continually yielding to the "impulses" of the flesh. If we are ever to follow Jesus Christ, we must learn to "deny" the impulses of "self". The "MEEK" have learned the purpose and blessing of "self-restraint" or "self-denial" and thus in refusing to respond to the impluses of the flesh, they are enabled to wait for the "leading of the Holy Spirit." This is why the "MEEK" are guided by the Lord and taught His way. They "deny themselves" so that they can follow the Lord Jesus.

Too many of us, for far too long, have yet to be "trained" by the Holy Spirit to "deny" the "impulses" of the flesh. "Impulses?" Yes and inward pulse of me, me, me, me, me, me - steady and unrelenting.

The Greek word that contains the idea of "impulse" is "en + thumos" - literally "in + passion". When we are dealing with a "impulses", we are in moments of "internal passion." During this process, thoughts and emotions mix together as we entertain the ideas we are being tempted by. This Greek word is used in Hebrews 4:12 to describe those things that the word of God is able to judge or discern. God is faithful, everytime we experience a moment of "impulse" or "internal passion", the Holy Spirit will speak that quick and powerful word which is able to judge the "impulse" so that we can recognize its "evil" nature.

This is the way of escape God offers to us everytime we are being tempted in moments of "impulse". We are never overcome by "impulses", although we far too often allow ourselves to be drawn away by them. The Holy Spirit always speaks the living and active word of God that exposes every "impulse" as an evil temptation. All we need to do to bear up under and escape the temptation is "receive in meekness this implanted word" and our souls will be saved from sinning in that moment. If we will accept the word the Holy Spirit speaks to us, the word that judges the impulse as evil, that word will save our soul from missing the mark. The faith that comes through this specific "hearing" overcomes the world and we escape the corruption that is in the world through lusts.

Those who in "meekness" exercise a self-restraint against their own carnal "impulses" no longer fulfill the lusts of the flesh and instead will allow themselves to be led by the Spirit. Those who learn to walk in this way have exercised their senses so that they discern the leading of the Spirit from the impulses from the flesh. They learn to hear what the Spirit is saying and follow His leading. These are the spiritual brothers and sisters who have learned not to make provision for the flesh by yielding to its impulses and have instead learned to be led by and filled with the Holy Spirit.

Those who are led by the Spirit in this way are the mature sons of God, while those who are still yielding to the impulses of the flesh are no more than mere infants in Christ. May we exercise our senses and allow the Holy Spirit to bring us into the blessing of the "meekness" of Christ so that we no longer live by the impulses of the flesh, but the leading of the Spirit.

The word of God is living and active, sharper than any two edged sword and it pierces deep even to the dividing of soul and spirit, joint and marrow, and it exposes both the "impulses" and "decisions" of the heart. God will be faithful to speak to us in our moment of temptation. Those who learn to "deny themselves" and hear what the Spirit is saying will no longer fulfill the lusts of the flesh, but become mature sons of God, led by His Spirit.


ps - a afterthought for reflection the only difference between and "impulse" and a "lust" is the "intensity" Consider the difference between the two Greek words to see this Impulse/thought = "in + thumos" Lust = "epi + thumos" "epi" is known as an "intensifier" When we linger too long in a moment of "impulse" it will soon become a "lust" - an intensified impulse.