His Ways are High Ways

Highways are not a natural phenomenon - they must be constructed. Highways are what make traveling in well developed countries safe and efficient. Vehicles last longer and long distances are covered in much less time than in undeveloped countries where roads have not been so well constructed.  

Have we realized that the Lord has constructed a super High Way called "The Way of the Lord?" The prophet Isaiah saw it being built in a vision (the Highway in the Wilderness) and described the construction: "Prepare ye the WAY (highway) of the Lord"...

Every Valley shall be FILLED

Every Mountain and Hill shall be MADE LOW

The ROUGH WAYS shall be made SMOOTH

The CROOKED WAY shall be made STRAIGHT

When Valleys are FILLED, Mountains are MADE LOW, Rough ways made SMOOTH, and Crooked ways made STRAIGHT, you have LEVEL GROUND that makes traveling EASY!

This is the High Way Jesus traveled. He called His own journey "easy" and His burden "light". He traveled with JOY in the WAY His Father had prepared, in fact He DELIGHTED to walk in the Way of His Father.

The Lord's High Way is just like many of our modern toll roads in one way - ACCESS IS RESTRICED.

The access to the Lord's High Way is restricted to the "Pure in heart" and to those who "Walk in that way". No "Un-clean" can travel on it. "Wicked fools" are not allowed access. The Lord's High Way is also extremely safe because "No lions are ever found on it." nor will "any ferocious beasts ever get upon it." There are no drunk or reckless drivers on the Lord's Super High Way - only Law abiding citizens.

Only those who have obtained the permit of "the REDEEMED" of the Lord travel His Super High Way. All the "REDEEMED" of the Lord love using His Super High Way because it leads them straight to ZION, the city of the Great King. They travel this High Way with Everlasting Joy upon their heads (even in the midst of present sorrows). Their journey is full of singing and laughter (even in the long stretches of the night). During their journey, they are often overtaken by Gladness and Joy and these two traveling companions make Sorrow and Mourning flee away as the joy of the Lord renews their strength.

So we might want to take another look at the Way we are taking. Are there a lot of LOW places or steep grades we are encountering? How smooth is our sailing? Have all the Sin curves been made straight? Those who have never experienced travel on the Lord's Super High Way might not even realize that traveling can be so much better. So, in case we're not sure just how level, smooth, and straight the road we're traveling on is, just take a look at how much you are enjoying the ride.